Monday, January 13, 2014

Trust Buddy Results #1

As a new user of P2P investing, I spent quite a bit of time looking for people's personal experiences with the platform. I found that there were very few examples of how people were really doing with their results and interest gained, so I have decided to add my own small exposure to the blogosphere. Below is a snapshot of my account and the gradual rising of interest earned.

I am quite pleased with the result thus far. My initial deposit was 10,000 SEK, and the account value is now 11,021. A little over a 10% gain in 4 months. It would be nice if the trend continues this way, but it is quite early on and losses can come at any time. I hope everyone else is having a good time with P2P/TB as I am, and if not please let me know so the world can get a clearer picture of TrustBuddy.


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